Children Learning Reading Program Review (Updated – 2024)

Today I’m reviewing the Children Learning Reading program.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the video of the program creator’s 2-year-old reading fluently.

So rather than bore you with general information about the program that’s all over the web, this Children Learning Reading review will be a bit different.

I’ll discuss the key features I specifically look for in the best reading programs for kids and how Children Learning Reading measured up to those criteria.

I’ll also show you the results you should expect using the program.

Lastly, I want to talk about some of the concerns parents have regarding the program to hopefully give you more certainty when deciding if it’s right for you.


Before we begin the review, here’s a quick list of everything included in the Children Learning Reading Program:



What You Get with Your Purchase of the Children Learning Reading Program


  • 32 step-by-step lessons
  • Program theory
  • Common reading problems and solutions
  • 11 phonics games and activities
  • 9 short lesson stories
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Most common sight words
  • Letter sounds mp3 audios
  • Video lessons
  • Lesson printouts and flashcards


These are most of the features included in the standard Children Learning Reading Program.

Next, I want to briefly discuss key criteria I look for in excellent learning to read kids’ programs. After this, we’ll see if the features above satisfy these criteria.


What I Look for in a Learn to Read Program


1. The program must be effective

This is pretty obvious. You don’t want to waste your time or money on a program that doesn’t work. Or, even worse, hinders your child’s educational development.


2. It should be easy and straightforward to follow and implement

There are too many educational programs out there that don’t consider that most parents don’t have prior formal teaching experience. Leading to poor results as parents (due to no fault of their own) cannot effectively implement the instructions because of inadequate instructional information and too many confusing parts to try and piece together.


3. It must not take up too much time

I’m sure you’ll agree the days are already quite chaotic. And there’s very little time to even take a moment to relax. This is why the time required each day to teach our kids to read must be both manageable and realistic. Also, little ones especially have short attention spans, so long drawn out lessons are almost sure to be ineffective.


Those are the key features I look for.

Would you agree that if a learning to read program for your child is:

  • Effective
  • Easy to implement and
  • Short and manageable

There is a high possibility you’ll see positive results with your child?

I believe so.

Let’s now look at how Children Learning Reading measures up to these criteria.
Starting with its effectiveness as a learn to read program.


How Effective is Children Learning Reading as an Educational Program?


Any reading program must be effective. It’s not negotiable. Which is why it’s at the top of my criteria list.

Although it’s compelling to see over 78 600 parents who’ve successfully taught their kids to read using Children Learning Reading, that’s still not enough. Knowing what the program is based on is a better way to judge.

And if like me, you’ve been searching for the best ways to teach your child to read, you’ll know that phonics is the way to go. As it’s universally accepted as the most effective method of learning to read.

Having worked through the Children Learning Reading program, it’s clear that it’s based on the explicit teaching of Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics.

Before revealing why this is a good thing, let me quickly explain what phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics are.


Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is your child’s ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words.

This is crucial in any alphabetic writing system like English because the letters represent sounds.

So understanding these sounds is the essential building blocks needed for learning to read.
Simply put, without phonemic awareness, learning to read is almost impossible. And it’s also the primary difference between good and weak readers.


Synthetic Phonics

Also known as blended phonics.

Synthetic phonics is the most effective form of phonics instruction.

It’s the process whereby you’re teaching your child the correspondence of speech sounds and written letters.
In other words, you’re teaching your child to read words by blending and segmenting the sounds.

This takes the guesswork out of reading and ensures your child understands how to read. And not just trying to memorize the shape of words to guess their way through a sentence (this is one of the primary reasons for poor readers and misspellings).


These are just some of the reasons why phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics are the recommended way of teaching reading.

Below is a short overview of the many studies done confirming phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics’ effectiveness.
I’ve also included links at the bottom of this review to the entire studies referenced for you to look at if you’re interested.


Study #1 Phonemic Awareness

It was found that phonemic awareness is a critical prerequisite for learning to read.
Without it, kids will be poor readers at best.

It’s also a core reading skill that children will fail to grasp without explicit instruction.


Study #2 Synthetic Phonics

The results of a 7-year study conducted by the University of Hull’s Department of Psychology and the University of St Andrews School of Psychology notes:

Children taught to read using synthetic phonics were reading and spelling at levels 7 months ahead of other children their age.
They were also reading at levels far ahead of their peers who were taught to read using analytical phonics.

The study concludes:

Synthetic phonics has a long-lasting effect on kids reading and spelling attainment that continued to increase their skills many years after the test program was over.


So Children Learning Reading isn’t just teaching basic phonics. It’s based on teaching the most effective phonics strategies (phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics). Ensuring your child has a strong reading foundation with no gaps that hinder their ability to read fluently and with understanding.

With the explicit teaching of these strategies, your child is likely to also read at a level far higher than other kids of the same age.

Verdict on the effectiveness: Excellent

Next, I want to look at whether Children Learning Reading is easy to follow and implement for parents with no teaching background.


Ease of Teaching


Children Learning Reading Program Theory

Before beginning with the lessons, there’s a detailed section explaining why Children Learning Reading is structured the way it is.

The explanations are backed up by numerous official research by regulatory bodies and university studies.
I recommend making a nice hot cup of coffee and reading through it slowly. It doesn’t take too long, and it really helps clear up any doubts.

Don’t skip past it. It contains essential information every parent should know, and it will give you complete confidence moving forward.

In this beginning section and throughout the entire program, you’ll find Jim discussing common reading problems he picks up with his students. As well as the recommended solutions you can follow should you experience the same with your child.

This is great because it puts your mind at ease should you face one of these problems.

Rather than panicking and stressing, you can confidently implement Jim’s recommendations until your child overcomes the hurdle and continues to progress with learning to read.

The recommendations are straightforward and easy to implement. There’s even an insightful section devoted to problems and solutions for struggling learners.


Step-By-Step Lessons

The lessons follow a logical and sequential order of learning. So, there’s no jumping around and trying to piece together information while struggling to figure out what to do next.

Jim quickly walks you through everything you need to know about teaching each lesson.

Nothing is left out, so you always know exactly what you’re doing.

The initial lessons are very short. This is to get you comfortable teaching the program and for your child to get used to it. The lessons get slightly longer as your child progresses, and their reading confidence improves.

Each lesson is also divided into individual steps, with examples showing you exactly how you should go about teaching them.

It’s 100% step-by-step, so you never feel unsure of what you’re doing.

There are also video lessons to complement the lessons found in the program.


Video Lessons

There are 4 video lessons in total, ranging from 32 – 39 mins.

  • Video 1: Lessons 1 -7
  • Video 2: Lessons 8 – 14
  • Video 3: Lessons 15 – 20
  • Video 4: Lessons 21+

The videos show the entire 12-week period Jim implemented Children Learning Reading to teach his son to read.
These are invaluable as you get to watch exactly how to teach your child effectively.

Jim also gives his thoughts and tips as he progresses through each lesson so you can be 100% confident in what you’re doing and how best to implement each lesson.

Besides Jim’s commentary, he provides fast support and is extremely responsive to any questions you have.


Responsive Support

If you’re ever stuck or just need clarity on something, just send Jim a quick email, and he’ll respond with sound advice to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Verdict on the ease of implementation: Excellent

Children Learning Reading meets my requirements for being effective and easy for parents to implement.

Next, I wanted to see if it’s a realistic program to invest in as a parent with a chaotic schedule and very little spare time.


How Much Time Do You Need to Dedicate to Children Learning Reading?


The first 5 lessons are very short and should take you around 3 – 4 minutes to complete. With the longer ones taking approximately 6 – 7 minutes.

Your child will experience the best results in going over a specific lesson twice a day. So you’re looking at spending no longer than 10 – 15 minutes each day to get the most out of the program.

It doesn’t matter how busy we are. Investing 10 – 15 minutes a day teaching our child a vital skill that directly affects their academic future is entirely manageable. And well worth it too.

Verdict on time needed: Excellent

Several parents have contacted me with questions concerning Children Learning Reading. They naturally want what’s best for their children and don’t want to waste time on an ineffective program detrimental to their development.

So I want to address some of these concerns below, in case these are questions also on your mind.


Is Children Learning Reading a Scam?

I totally understand.

There are always concerns when buying anything online, with all the empty promises and rubbish out there.

However, I can state with complete confidence that Children Learning Reading is genuine.

If you’re willing to put in the time to implement the program with your child consistently, you will see remarkable results.

Plus, once you buy Children Learning Reading, you get free updates and access to the program forever.

I’ve attached the following screenshots to put your mind at ease by showing you exactly what happens when you purchase Children Learning Reading.

The purchase confirmation screen after buying the Children Learning Reading program

As soon as your payment is approved, you’ll receive an order confirmation screen and customer receipt.

This will contain your order details.

Clicking on the big green button will immediately take you to the Children Learning Reading download page, where you can access everything in the program.

The Children Learning Reading download area where you can access the entire program

The Children Learning Reading Download area.

Here you can download the entire Children Learning Reading program.

Everything is clearly labeled with instructions for download.
(You should bookmark this page for future reference as it’s your private download section, which you’ll always have access to)

The email you will receive after buying the program

You’ll also receive an email with your customer receipt and order details.

It’s a good idea to save this email, as you can always access the program by clicking on the green button within the email.


Many Modern Learn to Read Programs Have Apps. Why Should I Choose Children Learning Reading Over Them? 

Honestly, there are some great apps for learning to read.

Although they are engaging, they are still a passive form of learning.
And your child is desperate to spend time with you where they have your undivided attention.

This is why it’s sad to see technology today acting as a babysitter and replacing quality 1 on 1 time between parents and their kids.

You know your child better than any app ever can. Your parental instincts are far more accurate at picking up problems your child experiences during the learning process.

You understand that the most crucial step in the learning to read process is building a strong reading foundation. And that’s precisely what Children Learning Reading does.

Once your child has this foundation and a clear understanding of how reading works, then, by all means, look at a reading app to complement this program and provide a new medium of reading for your child to enjoy.

Besides, the special 1 on 1 bonding time you’ll enjoy while working through Children Learning Reading is cherishable memories that you and your child will never forget.


Is Children Learning Reading Worth it?

I’ve covered this earlier in this review, but I just want to add a few more quick points.
Jim has over 10 years of experience teaching kids to read, and over 78 600 parents have experienced great success using the program.

Personally, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the parents I’ve recommended Children Learning Reading to, and I have seen noticeable results and improvements.

Remember, the entire program is based on not just teaching phonics. But teaching what’s widely accepted as the most effective form of phonics.


What You Can Expect from Children Learning Reading with Patience & Consistency


  • Witness firsthand as your child develops into an incredible reader and speller
  • Accelerate your child’s reading, spelling, and comprehension
  • See a significant increase in your child’s vocabulary.
  • Watch your child develop a real love and excitement for reading.
  • See struggling readers make remarkable progress in their reading ability. Eventually catching up to their peers and overtaking them soon after.


A Summary of this Children Learning Reading Review


Children Learning Reading has been a consistently highly-rated and recommended reading program because it’s:

Incredibly Effective – It’s based on phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics, proven through numerous studies to be one of the most effective ways of teaching your child to read and one of the key differences between good and poor readers.

Easy for Parents to Implement – The program consists of 32 straightforward step-by-step lessons with clear examples for you to follow.
There’s also valuable information on the learning to read strategies. As well as constructive advice from Jim discussing solutions to problems and scenarios you may encounter when teaching your child.
The lesson videos give you a complete A-Z guide of the entire process in action, together with actionable tips.

Perfect, Even for Mums and Dads on a Tight Schedule – 10 – 15 minutes per day is all that’s needed to effectively teach your child to read fluently with Children Learning Reading.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the program also comes with:

  • 11 phonics games and activities
  • 9 short lesson stories
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Most common sight words
  • Letter sounds mp3 audios
  • Lesson printouts and flashcards

Which complements each lesson perfectly and gives you a complete learning to read program for your child.


If you’re serious about teaching your child and are committed to putting in the time every day. In that case, Children Learning Reading is the right program for you.
I’m confident that with consistency, your child will experience amazing results.

Jim has provided readers of with a special discount, which will automatically be applied on checkout.

So click the button below to get immediate access to the Children Learning Reading program, and watch as your child’s reading ability and confidence flourishes.

I wrote this Children Learning Reading review because it’s been a top-rated learn to read program for many years now.

It empowers you to teach your child to read using effective phonics strategies. And it’s effortless to put the lessons into practice with just 10 – 15 minutes per day.

Most importantly, it gives your child the reading foundation that’s critical for their development.

And that’s why you should seriously consider Children Learning Reading before looking at other options. Options that you can always consider at a later stage as additional reading material.


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