The first 8 years are crucial for your child’s development. And the effort we make as parents in these years is often a strong indicator of their future success. Which is why we’ll take a look at some of the best learn to read programs available today.

You’re here because you understand the importance of actively teaching your child to read effectively.

So today we’re showcasing programs that are proven to be extremely effective in teaching your child to read fluently, confidently, and with understanding. They have been used by parents all over the world, and are generating excellent results.

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What to Look for in a Learn to Read Program?


Before getting into the actual programs, let’s quickly look at what makes up a good learn to read program.

Phonics & Phonemic Awareness


Numerous studies show that teaching with phonics is by far the best way for a child to learn to read.

Children with poorly developed phonemic awareness by the time they enter grade school, usually end up as poor readers. Because reading and spelling success is largely a result of phonemic awareness. Even more so than general intelligence.

So, it’s critical for any good reading program to be based on phonics and phonemic awareness.



Kids want to have fun. And so they should.

So it’s essential for reading lessons to also be full of enjoyment. This will lead to positive experiences, and your child will look forward to future sessions. This positive association with reading will also help your child learn to read faster, and it will instill a love for reading.

Good reading programs make reading fun for both you and your child.

Positive Feedback


It goes without saying, reading programs need to be effective.

They all claim they are, however it’s best to read what other parents are saying about the various programs.

We always recommend having a look at the feedback from other parents. This will firstly give you a good indication of how good the program is. You’ll also read about parents personal experiences when using the program with their child. As well as their child’s reaction to the teaching and the results they achieved.

Sometimes you’ll be able to relate to another parents feedback as you find their situation similar to your own. This can help you decide whether the reading program is right for your child.


Now that we’ve looked at some of the important things to look for in a reading program, it’s time to show you our favorite learn to read programs in 2020.

Children Learning Reading was created by Jim Yang, a teacher with over ten years of experience specializing in teaching kids to read.

At the time of publishing this article, over 78600 parents have successfully taught their kids to read fluently using Children Learning Reading.
This resounding success has even seen it featured on prominent parenting shows on tv.

One of the things we love is that it’s appropriate for kids of any age and reading level. So it doesn’t matter if your child is:

  • A young beginner reader
  • A struggling reader
  • A foreign language student learning to read English as a secondary language

This is mainly due to Children Learning Reading’s step-by-step approach to first building a crucial reading foundation in kids before moving on to more advanced lessons.
This reading foundation is mostly responsible for reading fluency, spelling, and comprehension. And you’ll often find that struggling readers lack this foundation, which is why they never catch up to their peers.

The lessons need just 10-15 minutes of your time every day, making it easily manageable even if you’re on an extremely tight and hectic schedule.

Below is a list of what’s inside Children Learning Reading:


Important Information for Parents

Giving you insight into the theory and proof behind why Children Learning Reading is so effective, based on authentic research and studies.
It also shows you how to keep your child engaged during lessons and get the most benefit from the program. Giving you the best possible chance of teaching your child to read effectively.


32 Step-By-Step Lessons

Easy to follow, systematic lessons giving you clear direction for teaching your child to read. With absolutely no confusion or guesswork on your part.


4 Lesson Videos

Showing you the Children Learning Reading program from start to finish in a real-life case study of Jim teaching his 2-year-old son to read. This is an excellent way to see exactly how to work through each lesson and a fantastic resource to reference should you ever feel stuck.


26 MP3 Audios

Demonstrating all the phonics letter sounds and examples of how to introduce and teach them to your child.


11 Phonics Games and Activities

Assists your child with their learning to read with engaging games and activities. These are also a great way of deepening your bond with your child by playing games and having fun with them.


Nursery Rhymes Book

A collection of 35 popular nursery rhymes to assist with learning and to have fun reading.


9 Short Lesson Stories

To reinforce the lessons and further develop reading proficiency.


Free Lifetime Updates

Always have access to the Children Learning Reading program and all new updates at no extra cost.


Scientifically Proven

Children Learning Reading is based on teaching your child to learn and master Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics.
Which are essential building blocks required for developing a solid reading foundation. As revealed by multiple studies from numerous sources provided by Jim. Ensuring you’re using the most effective method for teaching your child to read.


Solutions to Common Problems

Jim walks you through common problems children have when learning to read and practical advice and examples for you to use to effectively help your child overcome these problems.
Knowing what these problems are is incredibly reassuring for any parent as you encounter them. Rather than panicking, you’ll understand that these are problems most kids have, and you’ll be equipped to deal with them confidently.


Many learn to read programs fail to teach kids to read because they are simply passive tv shows and apps without measurable and meaningful progress. Whereas Children Learning Reading lets you actively teach your child this invaluable skill and allows you to spend more meaningful one on one-time bonding with your child.
So you can effectively monitor your child’s progress and ensure they’ve mastered a lesson before proceeding to the next.

You should see noticeable progress in your child’s reading ability in the first 8 weeks of implementing the program, as well as these additional benefits:

  • Accelerated reading fluency
  • Increased vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension
  • Positive attitude and more profound love for reading

And suppose your child is a struggling reader. In that case, you see them steadily catching up to their peers in reading ability, and more often than not, eventually overtaking them.

Rather than teaching children the ill-advised and ineffective method of memorizing word shapes (leading to children only guessing words and leading to one of the biggest causes of poor readers), Children Learning Reading ultimately teaches how the English language works when reading, and how to decode words.
And that’s just one of the reasons why it retains its spot as our #1 recommended reading program for kids.

We’ve managed to secure a 69% discount for our readers who wish to purchase Children Learning Reading today.
To take advantage of this discounted one-time price, simply click on the button below, access the official Children Learning Reading program.


Hooked On Phonics

Hooked On Phonics is another popular reading program designed for children between the ages of 3 – 8 years old.

You have a choice between the Complete Kit or the Digital Only version.

The Complete Kit consists of:

  • 8 Physical Workbooks
  • 26 Physical Story Books
  • 8 DVD’s
  • Stickers and Flashcards
  • As well as access to the online app which contains over 100 videos and over 275 interactive games which teach phonetic skills.

The Hooked On Phonics program is based on 8 levels.


Level 1 & 2: Early Emergent Readers

These lessons cover the alphabet letters and sounds. As well as rhyming words and matching beginning sounds with words and objects.


Level 3 & 4: Emergent Readers

Teaches short vowel sounds and compound words. As well as adding “s” to verbs and nouns.


Level 5 & 6: Transitional Readers


  • Beginning and end consonant blending “th”, “sh”, “-ch”, “-th”.
  • An additional 36 sight words
  • 2 Syllable words
  • Suffixes “-ing”, “-ly”


Level 7 & 8: Early Fluent Readers

These levels introduce more complex consonant blends and long vowel sounds.


You’ve seen our favorite learn to read programs for children. Now it’s up to you to decide on the one that’s best for child.

Congratulations on making the decision to take an active role in teaching your child to read. Aside from the obvious academic benefits, you’ll get to enjoy learning, playing and having fun together. This time spent bonding and seeing your child develop into a confident reader is priceless.

You can view our #1 learn to read program here.


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