How to prevent a lifetime of academic struggles by teaching your child to read fluently… in just 15 minutes a day

Poor readers struggle in all aspects of their academic development throughout their schooling careers. Starting today, you can ensure this does NOT happen by teaching your child the critical skill of reading to safeguard their future.

You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to teach a beginner or struggling reader to read with confidence and fluency without any prior teaching experience.

It’s one of the many concerns.
Reading is a vital skill your child must learn and master. Failure to do so will lead to a lifetime of struggles.

Such as:

A frustrated boy suffering from learning difficulties

Learning Difficulties

Reading plays a crucial role throughout your child’s education.

Your child’s reading and comprehension skills impact every academic subject, with poor readers eventually falling behind their classmates.


A young boy who is upset because he has a limited vocabulary and can't communicate effectively

Limited Vocabulary

The best way to expand your child’s vocabulary is by exposing them to new words through reading.

Struggling readers avoid reading, so they end up with a severely limited vocabulary. Far smaller than other kids their age.

Resulting in poor communication skills.

A child sitting on his own because he has low self-esteem

Low Self-Esteem & Confidence

Struggling readers fear reading out loud, especially in front of their peers in classroom environments.

It becomes a dreaded activity that overwhelms them with anxiety, embarrassment, and helplessness.

This spills over into other day-to-day activities. Leading to them shying away from group situations, talking in public, and eventually becoming more withdrawn.

A little girl looking sad because she does not want to do her schoolwork

A Reluctance to Learn

Kids naturally enjoy what they’re good at.

That’s why you’ll find skilled readers having a much greater desire to read. This desire carries over into school, where their eagerness to learn is evident for all to see.

On the other hand, struggling readers dislike the learning environment as it’s a frustrating, challenging, and often embarrassing experience.

You must take the lead in teaching your child to read. And yes, I know how difficult it is, especially with our tight chaotic schedules with very little time to spare. However, reading is a critical skill that plays a significant role in your child’s future success, so we have to find the time.

This is why a reading program that’s effective and easy for you to implement without any prior teaching experience is essential.

Introducing: Children Learning Reading…

The Groundbreaking Step-By-Step Reading Program to Teach Your Child to Read Fluently In Just 10 – 15 Minutes A Day!

A large product image of the Children Learning Reading program

Here’s why it’s considered one of the best reading programs for kids worldwide…

32 Quick & Easy to Implement Step-By-Step Lessons


Unfortunately, most schools and reading programs aren’t ensuring your child develops a solid reading foundation. This foundation is vital in turning your child into a successful reader.

Without making sure your child has a strong reading foundation in place, too many programs and teachers will continue pushing through lessons one after the other.

This compounds the problem because their entire reading instruction is built on a weak foundation, so your child never fully grasps core reading skills. Leading to constant difficulties and struggles that keep piling up.

Another problem with some reading programs is that they aren’t crystal clear in their instruction. So it’s frustrating for parents who aren’t teachers by profession to know precisely how to implement the lessons, when to teach each lesson and how to handle any problems that arise.

A mother teaching her son phonics
A father instructing his daughter in phonics

Children Learning Reading ensures you won’t face any of these challenges.

The 32 step-by-step lessons are focused on building a rock-solid reading foundation by teaching your child mastery over the most effective phonics strategies (phonemic awareness & synthetic phonics).

Each lesson is structured to ensure your child has a clear understanding before moving on to the next.

Additionally, the lessons are incredibly easy for parents to follow and implement. There’s absolutely no confusion or guesswork as the instructions are explained comprehensively and come with examples of how best to apply them.

Experience a painless step-by-step process to help your child establish a strong reading foundation.

Phonemic Awareness: The Main Difference Between Good & Bad Readers


Low phonemic awareness means poor core reading skills. Resulting in a lifetime of reading difficulties.
Kids with no explicit phonemic awareness instruction cannot:



Detect and manipulate sounds within words


Blend and split syllables


Segment words


Distinguish between words with similar and dissimilar sounds

Phonological processing ability is the most significant difference between good and bad readers.

Phonemic awareness is your child’s ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words.

Here’s why this is important.

The English language is an alphabetic writing system.
And in all alphabetic writing systems, letters represent sounds, with words and syllables being made up of sequences of these sounds.

Which is why phonemic awareness:


Helps your child understand the alphabet system

Teaches your child how to approach sounding out and reading words

Shows your child how letters represent sounds to get them ready for printed text

A child’s phonemic awareness ability is a strong predictor of early reading success. And there is a direct relation between phonemic awareness and a child’s ability to read fluently and understand what they’re reading as they get older.

Individual sound units in the English language are not obvious, so they cannot be picked up instinctively. This is why phonemic awareness must be explicitly taught.

When working through Children Learning Reading, your child develops an incredible reading foundation because they are getting explicit training in learning and mastering phonemic awareness. So a clear link is being established between phonemic awareness and reading.

In fact, the National Reading Panel (NRP) found that phonemic awareness directly improves a child’s reading, spelling, and comprehension. And that it’s also the basis for learning all phonics. Concluding that phonemic awareness is essential for learning to read.


Why Synthetic Phonics Reduces The Risk of Your Child Becoming A Struggling Reader


One of the worst issues struggling readers face is trying to guess words based on their shape.

This is caused by a lack of synthetic phonics, and it’s one of the major causes of poor reading and spelling.

Synthetic phonics (or blended phonics as it’s commonly known) teaches your child the correspondence of written letters and speech sounds. This is achieved by teaching kids to read words by blending sounds and writing words via segmentation.

With Children Learning Reading, you’re teaching your child synthetic phonics, so they aren’t trying to memorize word shapes. Instead, they’re developing a complete understanding of letters and sounds to ensure that they decode words and not guess.


a boy reading a book in the library

4 Lesson Videos to Give You Complete Confidence & Peace of Mind


The thought of teaching your child to read is daunting.

Even with a reading program, you’re always wondering whether you’re applying the lessons correctly. Because if you don’t, there’s a risk that you’ll be doing more harm than good.
Even with clear instructions, it’s vital to have an additional point of reference.

This is why you’re also getting a complete set of lesson videos.

These lesson videos give you a detailed look at the entire 12-week learn to read period Jim (the creator of Children Learning Reading) used to teach his son to read.

In total, there are 4 videos you can watch online or download. The videos vary in length between 32 – 39 minutes each.

VIDEO 1: Lessons 1 – 7

VIDEO 2: Lessons 8 – 14

VIDEO 3: Lessons 15 – 20

VIDEO 1: Lessons 21+

In addition to showing the entire process firsthand, Jim also gives you insightful commentary, invaluable tips, and his observations during each lesson.

Watching the video lessons makes it extremely easy to apply the entire Children Learning Reading program. It shows you exactly how to implement each lesson and is also a priceless resource you can reference should you ever feel stuck.

The video lessons ensure you’re always informed on how best to implement each lesson. And it will give you complete confidence and peace of mind when teaching your child to read.


How Just 10 – 15 Minutes A Day Will Transform Your Child Into A Successful Reader


Our schedules are chaotic, and there’s just not enough time in the day. That’s just what we have to deal with as parents.
And even if we have all the time in the world, our kids have really short attention spans.

So any reading program with lessons that drag-on will be a struggle to get through because it will be close to impossible to hold our kids’ attention throughout the lesson. Resulting in ineffective lessons with little retention.

Children Learning Reading revolves around short and manageable lessons.
Each lesson is just 5 – 7 minutes long, and it’s recommended to implement these lessons twice a day.

Meaning you only need 10 – 15 minutes each day to teach your child to read and see excellent results.

There is a real emphasis on maximizing learning in short intervals.
Ensuring your child is not overwhelmed with too much to learn in one sitting, so their attention can easily be held throughout.

It’s also convenient for you to commit to the program no matter how busy your schedule.


Why Every Parent Needs this Essential Information if They Are Serious About Their Child’s Development


If you’ve tried some of the other learning to read programs, you’ve probably run into the “lack of information” situation. This is especially problematic for parents who aren’t qualified teachers.

These programs tend to dive straight into the lessons without sufficiently explaining critical reading concepts that parents need to know to effectively teach their kids to read.
They also fail to equip you with the required knowledge to monitor your child’s progress. There’s no real way for you to see if your child is developing a strong reading foundation and avoiding the common pitfalls resulting in bad habits.

Before beginning the first lesson, Children Learning Reading provides you with excellent information to give you complete confidence and peace of mind when teaching your child to read.

There are fact-based research and studies explaining why phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics are essential for reading.
There are also invaluable tips for parents, showing you:

  • Fundamental instructions for teaching your child
  • How to keep your child highly motivated during lessons
  • How to get your child to cooperate
  • How to spot common reading problems and overcome them
  • How to ensure your child gets the most out of each lesson

Nothing is left out.

Typical questions you may have are also answered in detail.

Such as:

Whether or not to teach capital or lowercase letters first


How best to help a struggling reader


You’ll know exactly how to work through the entire program from the first day, and you’ll be equipped with more knowledge to teach reading than a lot of teachers.

This essential information proves why Children Learning Reading is so effective. Providing you with everything you need to get the most benefit from the program and giving you the best chance of teaching your child to read fluently and with understanding.


11 Phonics Games & Activities to Reinforce Lessons and Have Fun with Your Child


Traditional teaching strategies can be extremely dull for children. This results in a negative attitude towards learning and potentially unpleasant scenarios when you’re trying to teach them.

Apps and T.V. programs aren’t much better. Simply plopping your child in front of a tv or mobile app takes away from the crucial parental oversight and presence. Besides missing out on important 1 on 1 time with your child, you’re also not in a position to pick up on problems and effectively monitor progress.

This is why it’s important to include fun learning strategies to actively participate in with your child.


mother and daughter playing phonics games and smiling

Children Learning Reading gives you access to 11 fun and engaging phonics games and activities.

There are full game descriptions, step-by-step instructions on how to play, and a list of required materials (if any) that you’ll need.

Most importantly, each game’s purpose is explained (what specific reading skill the game develops), as well as the required reading knowledge your child should have before playing the game.

The games provide excellent assistance to the core Children Learning Reading program by helping your child reinforce the lessons learned and teaching them to read in a fun and engaging way.

It also provides you and your child with happy memories along the way and a great way to bond.

26 Letter Sound Audios With Examples to Avoid Long-Term Reading Difficulties


If your child fails to learn the correct letter sounds, they will NEVER read well.

Many parents and teachers struggle here because of how easy it is to teach the sounds incorrectly.

With Children Learning Reading, you’re getting audio recordings of all the letter sounds.

And the best part is that they come with detailed examples of how to teach each sound and examples of Jim blending words that contain the sound.

This ensures you’re equipped to teach your child the sounds correctly without falling into common errors that will hinder your child’s reading progress.


Here is what some of the 78 600 parents, who’ve used Children Learning Reading to successfully teach their child to read, are saying:


I purchased the program because my 6 year old’s reading was not improving and he was trying every trick in the book to get out of doing his reading homework. Needless to say this meant there was no extra reading being done.

I used your program to go through the sounds one by one again to refresh his memory. Revising the sounds gave him more confidence in his reading.

He has gone from a level 6 or 7 to a level 14 in his school reader homework with the aim that level 16 is reached by the end of the school year.

Leanne B

My daughter is 4 years and 9 months right now. I first started her phonics learning through the Hooked on Phonics program, back when she was three years old, but I slowly noticed that she could only sound out words that she has learned before and could not decode new words.

Using your method, she can now sound out a lot of new words that she has never seen before. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program!

I’m very happy with her progress thus far, and noticed that she has become more and more confident in reading.

Desiree P

Your program is amazing! I ordered it last summer because after Kindergarten my son could not read at all! His teacher said he would never be able to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wanted to hold him back because he couldn’t read.

Well needles to say, we said no & vowed to teach him ourselves….. then we found your program. We had only completed Stage 2 lesson 3 when he started 1st grade, but he is reading and the teacher is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and RAVES about his progress. My only regret is that I did not know about your program when he was smaller.


We are very impressed with the results! The program is excellent for any age level.

My daughter is in grade 2, and it was brought to my attention by her teacher that her reading level was below grade level. After 2 months, my child is now reading at grade level and expected to excel beyond. The program is well established and Jim is great with children, always willing to help.

My daughter looked forward to her lessons. She was scared of reading at the start – afraid of being wrong. Yet after 2 months, she has started beginner novels and reads on her own!


I am a Early Childhood Special Needs Teacher and I have to say I have never seen anything like this.

It’s amazing!

My daughter bought it and taught my granddaughter, M’kaela, to read at 3 years, she is now in kindergarten and will be 6 in January and she is at a 3rd grade reading level

Tammy J.

Even more features & benefits you’ll discover inside the Children Learning Reading program:



Lesson printouts and flashcards

Why these convenient, ready-to-print lessons and flashcards will help your child learn to read more effectively


35 Nursery rhymes

35 vibrant, fun to read nursery rhymes to assist with your child’s reading development and increase their vocabulary


9 short lesson stories

9 quick lesson stories based on the lessons to reinforce learning and boost comprehension and reading development


Most common sight words

Why this list of the most common sight words cuts out the fluff and helps your child easily overcome difficulties with words that cannot be decoded


Common problems and solutions

How Jim’s answers to common issues put your mind at ease by showing you exactly how to help your child overcome reading struggles for good


78 600 happy parents

How over 78 600 parents have successfully taught their kids to read fluently using the strategies in Children Learning Reading


Free lifetime updates

Enjoy lifetime access to Children Learning reading and all updates at no extra cost


Scientifically proven reading strategies

Why a reading program based on scientifically proven methods ensures you’re giving your child the best reading development


Great for struggling readers

How Children Learning Reading helps struggling readers overcome bad habits so they can quickly catch up to and eventually surpass their classmates


Incredible reader and speller

Why the skills and understanding gained in each lesson will turn your child into an astonishing reader and speller


Accelerate reading, spelling, and comprehension

How this proven model of teaching increases your child’s reading, spelling, and comprehension at a much higher level than their peers


Easy to Follow

Watch your child make consistent progress with logical, easy to follow lessons


For beginner readers & kids of all ages

How you’ll never have to invest in different reading programs every year because Children Learning Reading is a complete A-Z reading program no matter your child’s age or ability


For foreign language kids learning English

Why children learning to read English for the first time as a secondary language will benefit tremendously from specific strategies to help them understand how the English language works


Increase vocabulary

How teaching your child to decode words instead of memorizing will expose them to new words, consistently increasing their vocabulary and putting them on a higher reading and communication level than their peers


Develop a love for reading

Why understanding reading on a simplistic level makes reading a fun and natural process that increases your child’s love for reading


Reading potential unlocked

Why Children Learning Reading develops ‘top of the class’ readers by unlocking their reading potential and helping their development blossom


Exceptional support

Jim is always on-hand and quick to respond to all your questions


Over 10 years of teaching experience

Enjoy complete peace of mind with a reading program created by a teacher with over 10 years of experience in teaching thousands of children to read


Available instantly

Children Learning Reading is available immediately, with simple download instructions and quick access. So you won’t have to wait for days or weeks; you can get started today



How much are you willing to pay to give your child the best chance of a successful future?

I know you’re reading this right now because you’ll do anything to ensure your child’s success in all their academic and worldly pursuits.

Reading is an invaluable life skill that plays a defining role for the rest of your child’s life.
So you must invest in teaching your child to read successfully today.

The longer you put it off, the bigger your child’s risk of developing poor reading skills and bad habits. Leading to a lifetime of reading difficulties that will see them falling behind their classmates and struggling to catch up throughout their entire schooling careers.

I’m sure you agree; there is no price you wouldn’t pay to ensure your child is a successful, fluent, and confident reader.

This is why I’m happy to let you know if you pick up Children Learning Reading today, you won’t spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars.
In fact, you’ll get instant access to the Children Learning Reading program for the exclusive discounted price of just $39. Less than the price of hiring a private reading tutor!

That’s right. readers get an exclusive, time-limited 69% discount. So get Children Learning Reading today and only pay $39.




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Risk-Free 60-Day Guarantee


Jim is confident your child will develop into a successful reader with Children Learning Reading. That’s why he’s offering you a full, no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee.

So you can benefit from Children Learning Reading and monitor your child’s progress for two entire months completely risk-free.


Buy Children Learning Reading Today


You have 2 choices.



You can do nothing, leaving the teaching of this crucial skill to your child’s school teacher.

Hopefully, they are using the recommended learning to read strategies (most aren’t). And hopefully, they have sufficient one-on-one time with your child to ensure a complete understanding without any problems.





You can join over 78 600 successful parents and start implementing Children Learning Reading today. Ensuring your child has a rock-solid reading foundation, leading to a lifetime of reading and academic success.

If you can spare just 10 – 15 minutes a day, you can help your child develop into a confident and fluent reader.
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These years are a crucial period for your child’s development, and it’s time they will never get back.

So why not try Children Learning Reading today, a proven program that accelerates your child’s reading, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary.